Mimetrics is an exploration of the structure and techniques of visual narratives, with a focus as to how these are applied in films. It does not render films as a linear playback, but as a simultaneous view and moving image mapping of the entire film. This way, the visual language of cinema – narratives of color, texture, image versus dialogue – becomes visible to every viewer. It is a dive into the alternate realities created by cinema that previews or written summaries cannot grasp.

Mimetrics exists as a series of large format (120cm x 60cm) photographic prints as well as an animated version of different films and music videos.

How it’s made

Mimetrics uses open-source tools such as ffmpeg and mencoder to generate a stream of still images from a digital movie file. Along with the films, the freely available subtitle files of the film are loaded, providing a mapping of the visuals and dialogue of a film. These are then analysed and the images are stitched together using a PHP script, which generates either a large format single graphic or a series of images with a variable offset which can be used to create an animated version.


Mimetrics is represented by Cabinodd Collections